Thirty-three-year-old Philippe has a serious criminal record. He was released from prison three months ago, and now he’s trying to resume a normal life. Having bitterly disappointed his family and friends, Philippe wants to pick up his relationship with his daughter where he left it off. But the years have passed, and he realizes that the task won’t be as easy as he’d imagined. Making matters worse is the fact that some old acquaintances are after him. A strange death puts Philippe in an unexpected situation. He wants to change. Evolve into a better person. And now, suddenly, life has given him a chance to alter his identity. Can we ever really become something other than what life has made us over the decades? Who is the impostor?

Technical datasheet

20 x 60 minutes
Production years
Created and written by
Annie Piérard, Bernard Dansereau, Étienne Piérard-Dansereau
Directed by
Yan Lanouette Turgeon
Awards & distinctions
L'imposteur won 4 Prix gémeaux in 2017, including one for Best Directing, Dramatic Serial.

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