Mémoires vives

Mémoires vives is a story of families affected, intimately or distantly, by disappearance. Laurie’s return after 30 years of captivity is a source of joy to all those around her, but it inevitably stirs up painful memories and ghosts from the past. Other disappearances, including those of a mother, a lover, and a life’s passion, also become sources of pain and wrenching re-examination. Fortunately, these characters, in their unceasing and inspiring quest for truth, will come to find unexpected happiness.

Technical datasheet

120 X 60 minutes
Original version in French
Production years
ICI Radio-Canada
Written by
Chantal Cadieux
Collaboration on initial development and co-writer on Season 1: Patrick Lowe
Directed by
Brigitte Couture, Pierre Théorêt, Jean Bourbonnais
Awards & distinctions
6 Gémeaux Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2017, including one for Best Screenplay, Annual Dramatic Serial; and 5 for Best Performance, Annual Dramatic Serial.

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