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Unscripted Television

Sphere Media, Unscripted Television

From game shows to major events, magazines, reality shows and varieties, Sphere Media has produced programs and series for over 35 years that reach a large audience. Designed in close partnership with our many client-broadcasters and based on solid content, our productions, which are as entertaining as they are human, certainly generate debate and discussion.


Subsidiary of Sphere Media since March 2020, BGM is a company established in Toronto and working in the creation of multiplatform content of all kinds. BGM is particularly specialized in youth production.

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Team Sphere Media, Unscripted Television

Robert Montour

Robert MontourVice-President of Development and Executive Producer, General Television

Marie-Hélène Tremblay

Marie-Hélène TremblayVice-President of Production and Operations, General Television

Sylvie Tremblay

Sylvie TremblayVice-President of Production, General Television

Renaud Chassé

Renaud ChasséCreative Director and Content Producer, General Television

Catherine Delorme

Catherine DelormeWriter - Development and Content, General Television

Pascale Dubé

Pascale DubéDirector of Postproduction Services

Corine Trudel

Corine TrudelProducer, General Television